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Buy Lamb Online

Great NZ Lamb is a real treat.  Our top quality Lamb Cuts boast the best there is in the business with plenty of variety for your preferred cooking method or style.  Choose from quick cook Lamb Rumps and Rack of Lamb to slower roast Oyster Shoulders and Lamb Neck Fillets.

Lamb French RackLamb French Rack
Lamb Heart of RumpLamb Heart of Rump
Lamb Shank 750gm Lamb Shank 750gm
Lamb Carvery Leg  Lamb Carvery Leg
Lamb Boneless Leg Lamb Boneless Leg
Was $ 32.00/Kg
Now $24.95/Kg
Lamb Oyster Shoulder Lamb Oyster Shoulder
Lamb Neck FilletsLamb Neck Fillets
Maredo Lamb Mini Racks Maredo Lamb Mini Racks
Lamb Mince  Lamb Mince
Lamb Glaze 200mlLamb Glaze 200ml
Lamb Sweetbreads (frozen)Lamb Sweetbreads (frozen)
Ruth Pretty Tomato Chilli Jam Ruth Pretty Tomato Chilli Jam
Lamb ShortloinLamb Shortloin
Butterfly Lamb Boneless LegButterfly Lamb Boneless Leg
Lamb TenderloinLamb Tenderloin
Lamb Mini RoastLamb Mini Roast
Lamb Shoulder Square CutLamb Shoulder Square Cut
Lamb Boneless Shoulder 1kg